♫It's the most difficult time of the year♫

According to the original song, now is the most wonderful time of the year. In the world around us, this is becoming evident. The stores are getting into the Christmas spirit and on TV all the Christmas advertisements. And on the radio more and more Christmas music.

I could devote this blog to the disappearance of what the coming Christmas is really about: the birth of Jesus Christ. But I want to emphasize something else. The Christmas atmosphere that is noticeable everywhere also contributes to the memories that come back. Many people think back to the past and want to experience Christmas as it was years ago. Cosying up with the whole family at Christmas dinner. If you then consider that even people who don't get visitors also long for this.

For me, this month is also a source of memories, good and bad. I remember how as a child I went to midnight mass and afterwards we started "Christmas breakfast." Or with New Year's Eve. I would go to bed at night and be woken up at something like 11:30 to watch the fireworks.

But in recent years, December is no longer a fun month. I have lost the Christmas spirit I had over 5 years ago. Today 5 years ago I was writing Christmas cards. I started doing this before Advent. I was always looking forward to Christmas. Until my father passed away. Suddenly every year the December month is the hardest with big mood swings. On December 11, we commemorate the anniversary of Papa's death. Then comes Christmas and New Year's Eve. All events where family plays an intense role.

Then when you see the coziness on television in the commercials and compare it to how it is now you get a little depressed. The atmosphere we had with our family changed within 24 hours from warm and cozy to chilly and sad. I notice that this is the first year that the Christmas atmosphere is coming back a little bit, but it will never be like it was. That's why this is the most difficult time of the year.

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