We slept in after Saturday's long drive. After breakfast we discussed what we were going to do. We went on our way, and first went to the firemen's party in Herrischried. There wasn't much to do there, except for everyone getting drunk behind the beer with bradwürst at noon. Then we went in the direction of Göwihl, which is near a waterfall that we would visit. Nothing came of it, because the car cannot drive so steeply. And walking was also not an option.

We decided to go to a larger place and this was Laufenburg. There we spent several hours. We had a drink where, and went over the bridge, which was in the middle of the town, and so into Switzerland. The bridge crosses the Rhine River that separates the 2 countries there. We ate Greek food in the German part of Laufenburg. This was well taken care of and very tasty.

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