It has now been almost 3 weeks since my mother's surgery. With that, she is halfway through the six weeks before she has to see the doctor. Now it so happens that she went to the doctor today. She actually had an appointment scheduled for Friday because her leg is so thick. Got to the doctor, had a talk, and had some blood taken. And then came the results. She has thrombosis. She actually thought so herself, and when the results confirmed that, a whole plan was set up. She had to stop taking her painkillers and switch to paracetamol, because the Diclofenac is blood clotting and that is exactly what she should not have. In addition, she has been given other syringes. She had others to prevent thrombosis. She also has to take blood thinners, which means that when she bumps herself the blood squirts out, and it doesn't close up so quickly.

Now she has to get another syringe from the pharmacy tomorrow, because at the hospital they only had one. She also has to call the thrombosis service tomorrow to discuss it further.

"How do I become a junkie? Lesson 1: Syringes and swallowing"

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