Last week my mom went to the doctor. She was told that the progress is going well, and the knee is starting to get fixed. She now has to go to rehab for 3 months. In the process, she is allowed to use her leg a little more. She is already working hard on that.

She sneaked off to the church flea market on Saturday, and yesterday she already climbed the attic stairs twice. She hadn't been up there for 6 weeks. She took some work off my hands by doing some laundry. So things are going a little better now, but still not as you would like.

The thrombosis is going reasonably well. She is now on blood thinners and she bruises easily. She gets all sore from the pricks, and when she has a wound the blood squirts out. And to think we hardly have any mosquitoes.

"The snail reached Noah's ark by persevering."

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