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I have no fitness, but with the strength I have I run to the station. I thought I had forgotten my lungs. I run across the girth and arrive at the station, but before I get under the station I hear the conductor whistle. I run up the stairs with my last strength, and the conductor is still waiting. I am incredibly grateful to him for that. I plop down in an empty compartment and try to catch my breath.

I check the app again, and see that the train doesn't go any further than 's Hertogenbosch. I order a cab. The connection is very poor, and I can barely understand him. Once I know it is settled I arrive at Eindhoven station, where after 20 minutes I can transfer to the train to 's Hertogenbosch. In the meantime, I decide to withdraw money for the cab. What will that cost? I've been by cab once before. So what will that be? I withdraw 70 euros, and go back to the trains.

When I arrive in Den Bosch, the cab is already waiting. At first he doesn't want to take me, because someone has made a reservation. I make it clear to him, that I am, and that I am in a hurry. He calculates that it will cost about 140 euros, and that I will have to pay in addition. We drive to the nearest ATM, but it refuses to cooperate because I have already paid at another bank after noon. So I go to Nieuwegein and withdraw at my own bank.

Meanwhile I call my family, and it turns out there is enough money, and I pay the cab.

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