The Pope came to visit for the WYD in Roermond, and it was a busy time with millions of young people from all over the world.

On the Saturday morning, I was at the Munsterkerk with photographer Ramon. Together we wanted to take the best pictures of the pilgrim youth and we climbed the Munsterkerk. I wanted to make a time lapse, of the influx of young people. I knew extra spots in the towers that Ramon didn't know about. I went to the highest point and watched as the young people gathered to celebrate the vigil.

After I made the time-lapse, I wanted to put it on Facebook. I was messing around, uploading, and it just wouldn't work. I had a bad mobile connection and after many attempts I was blocked and couldn't upload it. So I went to the cathedral because I was sexton at the vigil there.

In my dream, there was a Eucharist during the vigil on Saturday evening. I had prepared the presbytery and was watching television on my iPad at 8 p.m., in the sacristy. The sacristy was the garage at my parents' house in Veenendaal. When the news broadcast was over, the mass was stopped. I wanted to continue watching on a livestream, but I couldn't find one. Not on YouTube and not at the Vatican. Basically nowhere.

At one point, an acolyte entered the sacristy. Who told me that I had not put the hand washing ready. I wanted to go take this to the presbytery but I couldn't find the bowl and can. I looked in my daddy's garage in all the cupboards. I found flower pots and all kinds of other things, but no bowl.

After a while, parishioners came in. They wanted all kinds of things from me, but I didn't have time. I was stressed because the altar was being prepared, and I had forgotten the hand washing. The parishioners crossed the threshold of the sacristy, also with walkers, and began talking to each other and helping to search. When we found the water jug among all the clutter, I filled it with water and wanted to bring it. But I couldn't leave the parishioners alone in the sacristy. So I kindly wanted to get those people out of the garage as quickly as possible, but with walker and all, that didn't work out so quickly. After fifteen minutes everyone was outside, and I was able to lock the sacristy and go bring the water jug and bowl.

Whether the Pope waited fifteen minutes to wash his hands and the Mass stopped I will never know. I woke up from this nightmare and can still remember it well.

The photo shows the sacristy door from my dream

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