About me  

Marco van 't Klooster in traditional Panamanian clothing in Soná in Veraguas province, Republic of Panama.I am Marco van 't Klooster. I am 33 years old and have been living in a beautiful apartment in downtown Roermond for 11 years now.

After having worked at EyeFactory for almost 9 years, I am now 6 years as a full-time freelancer at Kerk en IT. I have created websites, smartphone apps and videos for the church 10 years already. But I also help as a system administrator at church related institutions. I get a lot of satisfaction out of that.

In my spare time I love to hike, bike, take photos and videos. On this website you will find many of my photos and videos that I have made.

I am an all-round music lover, but my preference is (Spanish) Christian music, traditional Panamanian music and reggaeton also. I am a real music junkie.

Furthermore, I am a practicing Roman Catholic and can be found in church a lot. I have been to World Youth Days in 2011, 2016 and 2019. During the WYD in 2019, I fell in love with Panama, right now 5 years ago. It is a beautiful country, a beautiful culture but most of all fantastic people that I love to return to every year.

Finally, I would like to tell you that I enjoy being involved with home automation, and if you know me a little better you will have noticed that my house is almost completely automated.