After not hearing from me for a while here is an update. First of all about my mother. She has been off chemo since the end of last year. That "whining". is finally over. But she is still not better. Everyone does think that because she is no longer under treatment, she is better. She isn't. These treatments were preventive.

A few weeks ago she went to the pain clinic, because she had a lot of pain in her knees, the breast that is still attached and her arm. There she was given a medication that does not take away the pain, but turns off the pain in the brain. This means that normally the brain registers pain. These drugs turn that off. It does come with a lot of side effects. She had a hard time concentrating. And it made her very emotional. Right now she is tapering off these pills, but as a result she is in more pain again.

If the pain remains that bad, she wants to have her other breast removed as well. She does have plans for the future. She is tired of sitting at home all day doing "nothing." Therefore, she wants to start a business to help other mothers with their problems. She wants to do this with her experience. Here she does need a piece of paper, that of Experience Expert. At the moment she is first doing an accounting course. But the pills make it hard for her to concentrate. But things are already better than what they were.

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