It has been a while since I wrote about my mother. She has been home for a while now. She has been in the hospital for over a week. I visited her almost every day after I got out of school. We had lunch there together.

I laughed a lot with her. Because with the surgery, they didn't sew the wound closed, they stapled it closed. We were already joking that she had been closed with a "tacker."

She has also been there several times after her discharge from the hospital anyway, because she had to have fluids sucked out. After the surgery, a lump developed under her arm where the fluid will accumulate. It has already taken out 200 ml once and last time was 160 ml. So statistically it is going in the "right" direction.


In addition to having fluid removed, she has also been to the orthopedist for her knee. She has been there before the last surgery. Then the doctor asked my mom what the priority was either her knee, or her breast. Her breast hurt the most, so it was allowed to come off sooner. So now it is off, the surgery is over and she has been back to him.

It has now been agreed that she will have keyhole surgery on May 6. He will see what is going on. The orthopedist is going to operate himself. This allows him to determine the condition of her knee. He listed a lot of options for after the surgery. It could be that the pain is gone and it is solved. (We assume this, of course.) It could also be that the pain is temporarily gone. Or that nothing changes. But it can also get worse. More pain, or even that it can no longer be cured. Then she will also be considered for an artificial knee.

All this is happening to her right knee. But her left knee hurts too!

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