After writing the first post about my mother's knees a while ago, here is another post.

Tomorrow she has to go to the anesthesiologist to make an appointment and maybe she will hear when the surgery is scheduled. After the vacations, her right knee should be sawed through. Metal pins will be put in. She has to stay in the hospital for 3 days. If something doesn't go well, she will stay for a week, but we don't expect that.

She then has to rehab for 3 months. That means she may not be able to go upstairs. She is downstairs almost all day, can't do laundry in the attic, can't work on her computer upstairs. But also that she can't cook dinner. So a lot will come to us. So we will drag her through it.

Worst of all is that she has to walk with crutches. You'd think that would be handy after all, because you're not allowed to strain your knee. But what about her arm? She has to spare her arms as much as possible, so then the wheelchair (up the stairs?).

We'll see how it goes. Just rest first, before the "construction workers" take care of her knees.

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