It was that evening in December, the second week of Advent. Wednesday, December 10, 2014 to be exact. Lovely an evening for writing Christmas cards. Until the phone rang...

Why is my brother calling now. That's a waste of money. Appening is free, so it must be important. "Don't freak out" he says. I did anyway. "The police just called. They found Dad along the A12 and he's now in the hospital in Ede." "Is it serious?" I ask. He says, "Don't know yet." He says he will keep me informed. I added that I will be reachable.

I think, "Is it like April again. Will pass." I continue writing cards, but notice that I no longer feel like it. I finish also because it is already late.

I decide to go to bed. I turn off the light and put the phone next to my bed, and try to sleep. It doesn't work very well. I toss and turn a little until the phone rings again. "Yes, it's me. Dad is currently being examined at the hospital. As soon as there's anything, I'll let you know". "Should I come that way?" I ask. "No not yet. Go on sleeping, I'll keep you posted".

I try to get some sleep, but I am not really at ease. I doze off a bit when the phone rings again. "Marco, you have to go to the St. Antonius hospital in Nieuwegein as soon as possible! They have found something is his abdomen, and suspect a ruptured aorta!"

I am wide awake, shaking and shivering on my bed, also because it is so cold, and just got out of my warm bed. I try to call some people, but because it is already so late, no one can take me from Roermond to Nieuwegein for a while. I look in the NS app, and see that the last train is about to leave. I get dressed, put some things in a bag and get out of here.

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