Where are those keys now? They can't just be gone, can they? It is Monday afternoon, December 15, 2014. We are still searching for Dad's keys and wallet. When he was found he only had the car key with him. But his set of keys. Where is it? He always had that with him, and he never took his car key off. That only happened with a new car. We've been searching for days. We've all already searched the car and haven't been able to find anything.

Mom said that last night in the garage she heard all the sirens of an ambulance. She looked on the Internet but there was no record. And again she heard sirens she went crazy. Until she decided to call the ambulance service. Toe the sirens were gone in her mind.

No sooner said than done. She called this morning, but they were busy. They were going to find out and would call back, and they just did. They just called saying that they asked the brothers who helped Dad along the highway. They weren't able to find anything, and they don't know where the keys are.

I was a little overwhelmed and decided to call back. After much effort, I got back to them. I asked, "Then where were the keys found?" The friendly woman replied, "Your father gave the keys to the car to the brothers." This is where the puzzle doesn't add up. We had also contacted the police, and they said they had taken the keys out of the ignition. Dad was found in the back seat. So then how come he still left the car key in the ignition, and not his whole bunch of keys. So the keychain must still be in the car. I decide to systematically search the car. It must be in there somewhere.

I start in the front. Nothing to be found. Then in the back in the compartments behind the seats. No, nothing there either. Then under the seat maybe. No, because I've been there before. I get down on my knees by the car, and go deep with my hands under the driver's seat. And got it. There's something under the driver's seat. "But that's his wallet!", I say indignantly to myself. His keys are not there. In a split second, I realize that it might be under the other seat. I rush to the other side of the car and there too I bend my knees and feel deep under the seat. And yes, there are the keys. A burden falls from my shoulders. Thanks Dad for showing me the way.

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