As you can read/hear my version of Why Now You by Marco Borsato is about time passing. Since last December 11, my life has changed drastically. My father is no longer among us. First you count the days, then the weeks and months. And since today we can count in years.

My father is the sweetest in the whole world. That's what every child says about his father. When your father dies while you are still so young, it is quite a shock. Some say it is your father and not your partner, and you are already living on your own, and you have a whole life ahead of you. Others say he was so young. Both are right.

But the point is that he died so young. So sudden and unexpected, without having been able to say goodbye. Some say, "I know how you feel. My father died young, too." But usually they have still been able to say goodbye.

When you see your father in real life once a month, being able to sit around his lap. Even if you're 24. When you can delightfully drum your dad out of bed on Sunday mornings. If your father is happy to take you to the train station every time you go back home....

... Then you realize what a dear father you had.

It seems so ordinary. When you come home to Hotel Paps and Moms they are always there. Oops I forgot to wave one more time. Oh well that will come next time....

... Just remember that there won't always be a next time.

The way Toon Hermans puts it is exactly right.

Never leave without greeting, never go without a kiss. He who shall meet fate cannot do so tomorrow.

Never walk away without talking, that sometimes hurts a heart so much. What you have left in the morning, cannot be there in the evening.

Tone Hermans

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