It is vacation time, also for me. I've been preparing for the trip for 2 years now. Not so much the trip itself, but more the technicalities.


As it happens, I will be heading to Krakow, Poland on Wednesday to celebrate World Youth Days (WYD). I went to the WYD in Madrid in 2011. It was an unforgettable trip where, in the years that followed, I still had frequent flashbacks (read: memories). That is why I am looking forward to it so much now.

Diocese of Roermond

In the meantime, a lot has changed. Among other things, I have moved to Roermond, which also causes me to join the Diocese of Roermond. After the 2013 WYD in Rio, (which I did not attend), I set up the website with our chaplain. With its own Facebook page included. In maintaining this website, a lot of time has been spent. As a result, about 60 young people from our diocese are leaving for Poland.

Social media

During the WYD I will keep the home front informed through the website and social media, publishing blog articles and photos and videos. I have edited many videos in recent years, but always on my computer. Now, with the limitations of the WYD, I still have to edit videos. So this means, I have to do this on my mobile, and the internet connection will not be very good. However, this makes for a great challenge. To send beautiful messages into the world with the possibilities I have.

Vacation preparations

Now that I only have to gather the last things to fill my suitcase, I really feel that the vacations have arrived. As I write this blog, I am sitting on my mother's balcony in the sun, enjoying the beautiful view. Pure enjoyment.

So now a few days of rest and then full of energy to Poland.

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