It is the beginning of April 2010 when I have to do an internship. I was familiar with PHP and thought I could find a nice internship in it. Before my internship, I was already familiar with the PHP language and thought I would like to learn more about it. At school I had not had exemption from it for nothing.

When I couldn't find anything I went to the internship coordinator and she said, "Go look at EyeFactory." I went there for an interview and what turned out there was not programming in PHP but in ( That was a bit of a shock since I had only had a few lessons in C#. In the end, I had to do something and started an internship at EyeFactory.


My internship went so well that it soon came to an end. At the end of my internship a colleague said, we want you to stay. Otherwise we'll tie a rope around you and your desk chair. Since I was enjoying it so much, I asked at school if I could change my form of training. After all, I was doing the BOL training at the MBO. And what appeared, I was allowed to do BBL which means 4 days of internship and 1 day of school. I completed the training in this.

Before I received my diploma on April 24, 2012, I already knew that I could stay with the company. One condition was that I had to come with the company to Roermond and leave home. No sooner said than done. I moved to Roermond on April 27, 2012 and started working there with a small team.

Over the years it grew and the design department of EyeFactory continued under the name Jill Marketing and fortunately they stayed close by and became our neighbors.

Church and IT

In 2013, after good conversations, I started Kerk en IT as a hobby. It became so serious that on my birthday in 2017, I registered my business with the Chamber of Commerce.

The year that followed was marked by many hours per week and little free time. I didn't have a single moment of real rest, except for the vacations. Furthermore, I was hardly any weekend quiet at home because I, either had other commitments or I was working for Church and IT.

When I started helping the Sisters in Tegelen this summer, I realized that I had much more satisfaction working for my own company. This made me decide to quit my contract after almost 9 years and start working full-time at Church and IT.

There is no such thing as saying goodbye

I have always enjoyed working at EyeFactory and always went to work whistling, it has become a piece of my life after all. So, after today I will often think back to the beautiful time where I learned a lot.

Today on November 2 (All Souls Day) is my last day at work and it also feels like a piece died with me. Since the death of Papa I always have trouble saying goodbye so also today. That's why I'll definitely visit again when I have nothing to do.

For now: Team EyeFactory and Team Jill, thank you! Adieu and goodbye!

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