The Eucharist, as is now familiar, was a celebration like every day in Soná. January 17 marked the 40th anniversary of perpetual profession Sister Maria Amparo who came to Soná on January 17, 1979, from the border with Costa Rica, to continue the missionary work of the Sisters of Sacred Heart of Catherine Volpilcelli in Soná. In 1980, there was a dictatorship in Panama. The founder of the congregation was the Dutch missionary priest Nicolaas. He drove around with the received car from the Netherlands and called out every day that in 15 minutes the Holy Mass was.

Sister is very happy that she entrusted her life to God. She hopes that many young people from the WYD will receive the vocation to become priests, religious, marry and serve the Church.

We were given the following questions for the subgroups.

  • Can I say I am a child of God?
  • Can I say I am a brother or sister of the other?
  • Am I really living as a child of God and in what concrete actions am I trying to live as a child of God?

After fifteen minutes we received from the various answers and testimonies in what God is doing with our lives and how we can truly be a child of God. In our neighbor, we see the other as a child of God and know that we love our neighbor as ourselves. So when we know that being a child of God the other is also. That we know that we that we are children of God, dare to be it, and dare to carry it out.

In the evening we had an opening dinner. There we toasted with wine. Drinking alcohol is not allowed during world youth days.

17 januari 2019

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