Today we had Holy Mass with Bishop Audilio of Santiago de Veraguas in the plaza of San José Church in Soná. After Mass we walked a procession and ended up back in the plaza. Then we returned home with the host family and there we found good friends who were practicing for a big party.

At one point we went to the water where we could enjoy nature for a while. It is hot every day in Panama, so some cooling off is nice.

After we returned, we spent time with our host family. We received gifts from the host family. Among them was a T-shirt with I Love Panama on it. We immediately put that on and went to the specially prepared table. There, while eating traditional Panamanian dishes, we were also shown a typical Panamanian dance. This was fantastic. Then we fought with a Piñata from which came a lot of candy.

In the evening we had a light procession around the church. Afterwards we had a big barbecue "Gran Matanza" with, of course, dancing. I received a flag from Jada on the first morning in Panama. Then she brought me into the church. This was a special moment for me. Also because she came to me every day. She also walked with me during the light procession. When I was eating at the barbecue with Monsignor de Jong, an announcement was made that there was going to be dancing. I told Monsignor that Jada would come to see me. And yes, there she came. That was a very moving and yet joyful moment.

19 januari 2019

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