I am writing this at the moment I am in the air. We are traveling with a group of Dutch people on our way to Panama for the World Youth Days (WYD) 2019. We just left from Schiphol airport where we spent the whole afternoon.

My name is Marco I am 28 years old and this will be my 3rd WYD. I went with the Archdiocese of Utrecht to Madrid in 2011. So since I live in Roermond, I have been going with the Diocese of Roermond. In 2016, I went to Krakow and now so to Panama.

What I can already say is that the trip is completely different. We went to Krakow by bus and so now by plane. It is the 2nd trip for me that I am taking in an airplane. The first time was to Lourdes. There this is much further. So I'm not used to flying either.

We started this morning with Holy Mass where Bishop De Jong talked about the theme of the WYD "Behold the handmaid of the Lord." We are to be of service to one another. This was literally done by carrying other's suitcases to the train station.

After the train ride we arrived at Schiphol Airport where fellow pilgrims and the people of the VNB were waiting for us. And after greeting each other we went through the process step by step.

After being very relaxed and meeting through everything we waited to board. After taking a group photo we boarded the plane. It ended up taking some time before we started taxiing and the taxiing also took half an hour and before we took off into the air. I wasn't scared at all. I filmed it but only the lights could be seen. It was way too dark outside.

That's it for now. Over the next 3 weeks I will keep you updated regularly including with the Catholic Life vlogs that I am making with Femke. See you soon.

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