We spent the night on the plane. It was a long night. This is because we fly after night. On the infotainment system you can see exactly where it is night. Since we fly with the rotating earth, we have to fly an extra 40 km per hour to reach the same on the ground.

So flying east should be faster. On the system we see the local time of where we are. I think to move up 1 hour you have to wait about 80 minutes.

This means that the night is very long. And then when you consider that sleeping in an airplane is not convenient. The noise is not the problem, but a proper sleeping position. Sleeping in a chair is not everything.

But when the hours go so slowly it also means that the sunrise takes a very long time. And that is wonderful to see.

After a tasty meal by WYD standards, it is now time for prayer. What could be better than starting this Sunday in heaven with Prayer and Breakfast. In an hour and a half we will land in Bogota where we can stay on the plane and fly on to Panama City

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