During my vacation in Panama, I was woken up at 3:30 in the night to go to the beach. I thought, these people are drunk. But when I was woken up again after 15 minutes I thought, what's gotten into these people.

In the dark we went to the beach. I continued sleeping in the car. When we arrived at the beach it was still dark. When we just got there it started to get slightly light. At last the sunrise was beautiful.

I am another experience richer because seeing something like that in real life is really fantastic. I tried to capture it, but it didn't quite work out. My camera could not copy reality one-to-one as it is.

After a wonderful day of swimming where I got a nice sunburn, I went to stand in line for a moment to have my picture taken with the fish the fishermen had caught. I didn't touch the fish because it is still being sold, but I as a weird European was the only one.

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