During this time I am working daily for the parish. Previously, I worked 5 minutes a week with the computer for the parish (website). Now about 30 to 40 hours a week. My fellow parishioners probably have no idea what so much time goes into. I make sure the Mass can be seen on the website and occasionally an article appears on the website. It all seems like little work but to broadcast the Mass. But to make this possible a lot of preparation goes into it.

I hear from several people that they like the fact that I can go to Holy Mass every day. I don't see this that way for myself. During Mass, I'm not really praying. At least not like most people normally would. I am at the intercession thinking about what image I would show next. After Mass, I can't retell what the homily is about. I have to watch it back to what I have transmitted myself. So physically I am present at Mass. But I view the Host and the Chalice on my computer and not in real life. So it is Ora et labora.

For those who know me a little know that I am a perfectionist and go for high quality. I sometimes get pointed out that it doesn't have to be all that much work. But I don't do this work to get rich, to brag or to be held in high regard by people. In fact, I hate it when the dean mentions my name. I don't like being in the limelight. I'm only doing this for Our Lord.

Why do we put on good clothes to church? Why are there flowers in church? Why are there candles burning? We don't do this to have a pretty picture on the camera. We do this to give thanks to God. So if we celebrate Eucharist why shouldn't I also provide beautiful images for YouTube?

So for those who think they are jealous of me for going to church daily. You really don't have to. In this day and age, we pray at home during the YouTube broadcast and not while trying to emulate Steven Spielberg during Mass.

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