It has been two years this time since the World Youth Days were in Panama and it has also been a year since I was on vacation with my dear family in Soná.

I have seen many pictures back over the past few days. Today in church I had a lot of flash backs. I was reminded all the time of my family and my friends in my beloved Soná.

As I was praying I imagined what it was like in Soná during my stay there during my vacation. All the memories came up. I walked through the streets of Soná, so to speak, and it was real. Because I had seen all the pictures of the places I had been to, I could picture the images well before my mind. It was like being back in Panama, as I remember it, not as it is right now at this moment.

Today I have been to Soná, El Marañón, Panama City, Playa Arrimadero, and Salto de las Palmas and Cerro Plata. And all in half an hour.

I miss my dear family, I miss my dear friends. I would so love to catch the plane to Panama right now. My plane ticket was supposed to go tomorrow but the government has decided to block flights to and from South America at all. I have already cancelled my plane ticket myself but if I hadn't I would have only gone there and couldn't go back. I don't know if that is such a big problem. I wouldn't mind staying in Panama but not this year.

I hope next January and February I can catch a plane to-and-from Panama, and visit my dear family and friends there. I could go now too, but then it's not like I remember it. We've been to all kinds of places and we can't do that now. So I could go to my family now but then I will be stuck there for three weeks. First at least a week in quarantine and then two weeks of sitting still with my family and then home. When I get home I can go back into quarantine. I would much rather go to the beach or enjoy the beautiful nature. The most important thing for me to go to Panama is not nature, is not Panama city but that is to be with my family, the trips things will come naturally.

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