Today I was in Valkenburg at the Museum Roman Catacombs, where the replicas of the catacombs were made, just as they are in Rome. The catacombs have all the damage just as they were in Rome.

I'm not normally a museum type. Generally I find it boring. But today was different. The friendly and enthusiastic guide energetically explained the history of the creation of the catacombs and how and what can be seen in the replica. She has never been to Rome, but that was not apparent from her story. (Except that she mentioned it.)

It was a nice tour of the corridors of the marl caves in Valkenburg. It was about 12°C in the caves, which is why we got to borrow the orange sweaters. (No, we did not escape from prison.)

I won't write the whole story she told. It was a lot of information and very informative. I would definitely recommend going to see for yourself. Really worth it.

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