In answer to this question, my grandmother would reply, "To pick up potatoes and tubers." But that, of course, is not the right answer. The answer lies much deeper within us. It is about our existence.

Last week I got to go on a maternity visit with friends. It was a joy to see such a little guy doing well. He sleeps, eats and poops. Other than that, he doesn't have to worry about the important things in life and everyday things.

This week I was faced with the loss of an aunt from Panama City. I never met her, but because my love for her sister, her brother and the whole family in Soná is deep-rooted, it still feels like an aunt of mine has died.

Thus death and new life come very close together. The chemistry between these two sides is love. When you love someone, it can drive you crazy. You have everything to do to be together. Even if that means being patient. Sometimes that can be very difficult. If you like someone then you can hope that it is also the will of God.

This is how faith, hope and love come together. So we are on earth to love one another, not to lose hope and to believe that there is Someone who cares for us, leading us around our life's journey. All we have to do is be open to His will and, like Mary, say our yes.

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