I can be worried, happy, sad, disappointed, annoyed and so on. But really getting hot-tempered, being aggressive and homicidal that's not me easily. I always see the good in man and in God's creation.

God became human and experienced our emotions. But I wonder if Jesus ever doubted the Father. Would Jesus have thought, "My Father made a mistake when he created the fruit flies."?Everything has a reason with God. Perhaps God created the fruit flies to teach people self-control and to remain calm in all circumstances.

I don't mind one fruit fly so much. But those irritating critters multiply so fast that it becomes a plague. When sitting quietly eating or working they whizz by and get on my nerves.

I actually wanted to do a picture of a fruit fly with this blog. I have a good marco lens I could do that nicely with, but those critters aren't exactly peaceful. They're only quiet when they're dead. But well, even the electric flyswatter knows how to get around them. Then just photograph the murder weapon which is also handy for sweeping over the window and leaving traces. So yes, the crime scene still needs to be cleaned.

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