On my walk through the Carthusian City Park I came across three characteristics of the four seasons. There were buds of branches that were sprouting. Not something you would find at the end of summer, but more in spring. There were also some single flowers to be found and the sun was still shining nicely. Although there were also signs that autumn was making its appearance. Maybe it has more to do with summer, but the leaves were already falling. Due to climate change, the trees are getting bare earlier, not from dying off before winter, but from the drought of summer.

Besides the secular art objects in the park, there are also the statues of St. Joseph and Our Lady. It is quite sad to see Saint Joseph living in a slum. I don't think he suffers that much from the draft, but a little insulation might help him pay the bills to support his family.

Mary at the entrance to the park is always typified by the bars made for her with a large padlock on it. Today on the remembrance of Mary's holy name I thought how sadly she is imprisoned. A game of Monopoly is not in the cards for her.

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