In my previous blog post I was a little negative. It was because I was stressed yesterday and eager to share what I experienced. Today, I draw my joy from the past week.

I spent a week on tour with the Dutch replica of the World Youth Day cross through the Netherlands. I can tell you all kinds of things about the WYD. I was dragged away from a conversation at one point because I was talking enthusiastically about my experiences of the WYD. I could spend hours and hours talking about these most beautiful experiences of my life. Even after hours of talking, you don't run out of things to talk about.

I could also write thousands of words here, but it seems more convenient if you watch the aftermovie. The video shows even just a little bit of the three-week tour that took place in the Netherlands. It is a small taste of what awaits next year in Lisbon.

So áf I join the WYD for the fourth time, I will have even deeper energy and joy to proclaim the crucified Christ. He is not dead, He is risen and alive. He is alive in my heart and the hearts of millions of young people worldwide.

So get up and get moving. For more information, visit

Below is the aftermovie I made during the journey with the cross.

WJD Kruistour Aftermovie

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