No it's not Boxing Day yet. And no it's not Black Friday yet, either. What Black Friday is to the day after Thanksgiving, Boxing Day is to the day after Christmas. Namely it is a mass buying of stuff for low prices.

I took advantage of the Black Friday week we have last few days to buy stuff for the vacations. I took advantage of the discount and immediately ordered some multiple products that I need to get right for the vacations. And then the mailman shows up at your door with two packages ordered at the same time. I pen both boxes and the items from the small file can go in with the big box. I then ask myself why wasn't that done in one box. It was ordered at the same time and delivered at the same time.

As an IT person, I then think something went wrong in the automation. I'm sure it could have been more efficient. But it must be about money. It has to be as cheap as possible and nature is forgotten.

You could say that the parcel delivery service runs on electricity, which makes it better for the environment. But that is not entirely true. The car has to be filled with electricity to drive. So energy is used even though it is electricity. But instead of putting my package together it takes up space for two. While in the box there can be other products that still need to be delivered. So the delivery guy has to come by one more time. So the car has to be charged one more time and more energy is used.

So there are more arguments about the energy because the energy that is probably generated with green electricity so you drive CO2 neutral. But even then it's not good for the environment because I now have two boxes in the house. Probably another box is coming soon. The boxes that are made from cardboard and cardboard is made from wood so more trees have to be cut down to make the boxes. As a counter argument you can then say yes it is recycled cardboard but then again in recycling cardboard also energy is used but a lot.

If I look at myself I could also choose to get it at the local store. But yes some items are not within walking or biking distance, so you have to take the car or train. So we live in a consumer society which is destroying the whole earth. Maybe something to think about the next time you order something online.

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