Papa and IToday is December 11, the eighth anniversary of my dear dad's death. It is a sad day, yet I am grateful for the suffering he was spared.

I love you always forever

I love Daddy forever. I can only cherish the beautiful moments and look back fondly on the life he gave me.

Near or far, closer together

We did a lot together. Walking together, working together in the pond, or other things in the garden. I can only think back to the nice things of the activities we did together.

Everywhere I will be with you

I can't deny that I look like my daddy. So I only have to look in the mirror, or look at my own behavior, to see that I have more in common, than just the physical similarities.

Everything I will do for you

Dear Daddy, You are an intercessor with our Father. You help me wherever it is needed. I am grateful for all you do and have done for me in your earthly life.

Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever (Official Music Video)

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