This morning we went to the stores to buy a sombrero. It didn't work out and after changing appointments 10 times I lost count. I just let it happen. After all, I'm in Panama.

Finally we went to the river and there I gained another experience. We arrived and after conquering a spot in the shade it turned out not to be suitable. We went to the higher part. I went swimming until I fell off the waterfall. Again, that's something different.

Then we went to feed the fish. They weren't piranhas that had smelled my blood, but ordinary fish that got a piece of chips that didn't leave much.

In the evening we went to Santiago to get the sombrero. First to the Mall there we bought water shoes for me because with flip flops is quite dangerous in the river. We ate some pizza and were just about to buy the sombrero when a downpour came over. After waiting half an hour for it to dry, we went home.

So I finally experienced the rainy season too. Even though it is summer now.

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