Yesterday and today were 2 days for real bon vivants. Yesterday we went to Santiago de Veraguas to buy the sombrero. That was quickly accomplished. After taking pictures in Santiago's park, which has been transformed for the Chinese New Year, we went to have a nice frappuchino.

After we returned, I went to Mass and took some more pictures. I received nice gifts from my friend Jorge with whom I am meeting today.

We went to the park of San Isidro de Labrador (Saint Isidorus the Worker / Saint Isidorus of Madrid) to chat together.

Then we went to buy flip flops because the ones the other one had broken at the fall of waterfall. I have a large size by Panamanian standards so the largest size was a size smaller than what I actually need. But oh well, I'm in Panama. All is well.

After eating a delicious Flan (kind of cake with caramel that can't stay outside the fridge for long) at restaurante Raíces, we took the bus to the Iglesia de San José (Church of St. Joseph) and the adjacent shrine of Padre Guembe. As it turned out, it was only a short trip. The shrine and church were very beautiful was and brought back many memories from the WYD.

They were successful days. Everything is great here.

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