At 4:30 this morning the alarm went off. After a long drive we arrived in the valley of Anton. There we went to the zoo which was very nice. After lunch we visited the sleeping Indian. It is a mountain landscape shaped like a young sleeping Indian woman who, according to legend, had fallen in love with a handsome Spaniard.

The Legend:Luba, a rebellious woman, youngest daughter of a local cacique, fell madly in love with one of the Spanish soldiers who subdued her people, disregarding the love of Yaravi, a brave warrior who loved her with all his soul. Feeling rejected, he put an end to his days.

Realizing her mistake, repentant and, very sad, she decided not to betray her people; she renounced her love to the soldier and wandered desperately until she fell exhausted on a green savannah, where she died. Lying on the ground, the body of the beautiful young woman took the shape of a mountain. The legend of Luba is present in the memory of the communities that live today in the surroundings of El Valle, being also an important geographical reference for its inhabitants

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