On a lovely free Ascension Day, I went for a walk in nature. Of course, for me that includes photos. So packed and ready with my camera bag and accessories into nature. I wanted to take a longer walk, but I only got stuck at Hammerveld. There was so much to see. My attention was focused on insects.

Of course, as an ICT person, I have to think about bug fixes.For those who don't know the story where the term "bug" comes from I will briefly explain. In the early days there were very large computers that took up entire rooms. When at one point a ladybug sat on the computer's circuit board, the critter was electrocuted and caused the current to keep flowing through it. The computer did not work, much to the frustration of the builders. When the ladybug was removed, the short circuit was removed and the computer worked again.

My work often consists of hours researching what the problem is and when you finally find it, it's often just one line of code change and it works again.

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