I have a complete identity crisis. I don't know who I am or what I am.

I have lived in Limburg for 11 years now. I have never lived in one place for so long. Am I now a Limburger or a Dutchman? In 2019, I went to the WYD in Panama. Since then, I have been speaking Spanish ad nauseam in the Netherlands. I am very homesick for my beloved Soná. So am I now a Dutchman or a Panamanian?

And when asked what I am, I don't mean whether I am transgender. But whether I have a human nature at all. I would rather think I am an amphibian. On an average Saturday, I sleep out and after breakfast I go to computer and further relax. Today is a tropical day. I get up early, run errands, am doing laundry, cleaning the freezer, and mopping.So I am very active in hot weather. My friends in Panama are hot in the summer. I can perform quite well at 30°C. In fact, I am much more active at 30°C. I come alive. Am I perhaps a reptile or amphibian?

So well, who or what am I? I have been evaluated from a cold-blooded Dutchman to a tropical Sonáenian living in Limburg. In other words, completely insane.

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