Today I was visiting a friend in 's-Hertogenbosch. If you are in Den Bosch then of course you have to eat a Bossche Bol. Upon arrival the restaurant at De Groot was completely full. They are the makers of the Bossche bol. With good spirits we went after a restaurant near the water. Fortunately, De Groot also delivers to other restaurants. So there we plunged into the real Bossche bol. While butchering the pastry, it occurred to me that I had forgotten to take a picture. But thanks to a bet how long it had been, we were able to eat another Bossche bol. Since we were both half right we just shared it.

After sitting by the water we took the tour boat through 's-Hertogenbosch. Our guide Martin knew how to tell a lot in a very pleasant and relaxed way. After the 1.5 hour trip on the Buitenvaart and inland waterways we went for a bite to eat.

It was lovely on the terrace. The food was delicious, we were able to reminisce a lot and there was a nice sunshine.

To conclude this great day, we went to St. John's Cathedral. After greeting Our Lord, I went straight to the grave of my ancestors. I was able to take a good picture of the headstone. Last time I was with them, the cathedral was very crowded. When an enthusiastic volunteer could also tell the history, I could well imagine how much has changed in my family. We are not so rich anymore. After all, they have a place close to the presbytery. Also, we are no longer Protestants but Roman Catholics. And well, that the bones are no longer under the stone, I expected that. Fortunately, the bones are nearby and a candle burns day and night in St. John's Cathedral for their peace of soul.

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