Some things escape you in the delusion of the day. Other things you never forget.

For example, today is the anniversary of Dad's death. If you look back at my blog, I wrote a lot about it. I have trouble reading my own writing. This year I won't either. Then again, I get all sad when I start reading this. No, today I'm just looking back at photos.

When I see what riches my parents have given me, I can only be grateful. The wealth I mean is not in the material sense but the wealth of faith, compassion, charity. And so much more.

I can blissfully praise my father. But the foundation of my life, of course, comes from God. My father, founded on the Church, gave me a Christian upbringing. Without this faith which was given to me by God, I could never have been at peace so quickly that my father returned to Our Father who art in heaven nine years ago.

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