Today we left Soná with a large group for the border with Costa Rica. I had to set my alarm clock at 2:30. At 3 a.m. we left for the bus stop. What really surprised me, however, is that we left exactly at 3 o'clock, as agreed. I had rather expected half past 4 or 4. But the bus was supposed to come at 3:30. Okay, it was only 10 minutes late. Call it a Limburg 15 minutes. But this is really punctual.

I found it quite challenging to sleep in a bus with loud (but nice) music and air conditioning on full power and the sun wasn't up yet. So quite cold. What also doesn't help is that the road swings. So either you keep your body tense and don't sleep. Or you swing in all directions and don't sleep. But as Mom always says, even if you don't sleep, you still rest. And I noticed several times today that this helps.

After we had breakfast somewhere at 6 a.m. on the way to Costa Rica, stopping several places along major roads where a bus can stop and the restaurant is ransacked in 15 minutes. While we were eating, another bus came. Bad luck for that group, or lucky. They got freshly prepared food. But either way, it was a delicious meal.

When we arrived at the border a little before nine, I didn't realize it was a border. We were in a closed shopping street. One side was Panama, the other was Costa Rica. After the stores opened, it was bustling. We took a picture with the flag of Costa Rica 🇨🇷, even though there was almost no wind. And the photo is a snapshot. Because we went on to the next point, Cerro Punta.

At Cerro Punta, it was also very touristy. With a beautiful view at the base of the volcano, it was really enjoying the beautiful nature of Panama. Even if it was just the way there.

After lunch we went to the highlight of the day, which was the feria in Boquete in the province of Chiriqui. It had been advertised for days on TV and social media. But in real life, it is quite a different experience. It's sort of a Keukenhof idea in this case. That's because the theme of this feria is flowers and coffee. At the feria that will soon be organized in Soná, a different theme will take center stage. So not every feria is the same.

Anyway, it was a great day with many impressions that I could consider during the sleepy time on the bus.

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