This morning I got up in the dark. A bit like in Holland in the winter. But here in Panama I often sleep out until about 7 or 8. I don't normally set an alarm clock because the roosters, birds and dogs do wake me up. But today I set my alarm clock. And at 6 o'clock. The picture shows the sunrise and a sleepy Marco.

I got up so early because I knew I would come face to face with Jesus. I didn't know what form Jesus would take. But as it turned out, Jesus was present in the adopted children because their parents are in jail for over 12 years. This way the children don't get a good start.

In fact, I was with Father Roberto and when you are with him, the question is never whether you are going to meet Jesus that day. But the question is what form Jesus will take next. Often in the poor helpless children. You see that joy and cheerfulness do not exist in their lives. Gratitude they do know but the temporary joy quickly gives way again to the cares of the day. Even very young children know it is not right. When you see that desolate look in their eyes, you know you are looking at Jesus.

Fortunately, there was also good news. A group of students for the Social Work course were assigned this week to build a kitchen. The family they were with did not yet have a kitchen.

So today I shot enough video footage to make some videos for Father Roberto. So now only video editing and then hope to donate a hundred thousand euros. Even though Father Roberto needs 1 million euros. The money is continuously needed for food packages to feed the poorest of the poor. But €1 euro doesn't seem like much to us "Dutchies." But in Panama you can buy a lot for that. Almost everything you buy here in the supermarket is under 1 balboa/dollar.

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