I have wanted to write this blog for a long time, but now finally with a little help and a lot of inspiration from the Holy Spirit, it is really taking shape.

For years I have wanted to get married and start a family. I know that a lot will change then. For example, I cannot go on vacation to Panama as I do now. And with a family, it becomes very expensive. And besides, with school-age children, it's impossible to go to Panama because they don't have vacations in the Panamanian summer.

But in the here and now, I have family and many friends whom I love and pray for. I often forget to pray for myself. And regularly I also underestimate the power of prayer.

Every time I notice that an intention of someone I pray for has been answered, it gives me so much joy. I do notice that not every intention is answered. The prayers that have been answered all have a commonality. Namely, that those who ask for prayer want it very much themselves and deep in their hearts they really trust that God will grant their desire.

When you read this, you may think, "I'm going to send Marco a message right away because I also want a prayer answered." But that's not how it works. Authenticity is very important. God knows when it's a play. Just look at the many selfies. The smile is so fake.

Another aspect is that I can say of myself that I very much want to get married. But at the same time, I also have my doubts about the change in my life that comes with it. So yes, I am authentic in my heart that I sincerely want to get married. So if I would pray so much for myself, I will have a girlfriend next week, and I will be engaged and married in no time.

The point is that God knows what is good for me and where He places me in life. When I look at the work I do, I often fall short of realizing what an ultimate effect it has in people's hearts. So from this perspective, I know that I am necessary for my work and that God uses me as an instrument and I get to work in His vineyard.

Now that I am not consumed by family life gives me the freedom and joy to pray for my family and friends. That is also a form of love I can give.

Not having a spouse does not mean I am alone or lonely. No, on the contrary. The love in my heart wants to get out and shows itself in prayer. I think that is the highest form of love. That is also what Jesus' message is invariably about: Love.

If you have a sincere and concrete prayer, you know where to find me. But if you sincerely want 1 million dollars you'd better join the lottery 😀.

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