Today is the last day of the Veraguas Feria in Soná. It is a great moment. In the Netherlands we don't know this kind of fair. There are stages with dancing and performances by great artists. There are locations with plants and education for growing plants. There are lots of vendors who want to sell all kinds of things and of course the devices as we know in Holland at a fair.

It is, as I said, a great week. I only experience the weekends. Because last week I was with Father Roberto. But now that I am back in Soná we go to the feria every day. We do this because it is less than 50 meters walk to the entrance of the feria.

These evenings at the feria contrast for me with Lent. I am always used to living frugally during this time until Easter. But this time here does not require me to be sad, to put on a somber face as in the reading of Ash Wednesday. This time here feels like a Tabor moment. (A moment of great joy, of which you don't want it to pass). In the Gospel of this second Sunday of Lent, this joy occurs with the select group of apostles who get to go up Mount Tabor with Jesus and witness the transfiguration of Jesus there. I also feel privileged to be here in Soná right now, enjoying this beautiful time. There will come a time of suffering and death when I cannot go to Panama. So now is the right time to change my heart.

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