The trip to my friends in Soná and in the province of Veraguas is almost over. It was a great trip with many meetings with old friends and also many new friends. Some friendships you can say are for life. They are therefore rooted in a foundation of love. And this one springs up in the Church.

Our Father in Heaven has put me in touch with the people here through the WYD in his own unique way. Panama City is not for me. It is too big and too dangerous. I am also only staying there for 2 days. The first and the last day. Here in beautiful Veraguas, the people are full of love. They may not have as much money as I have. But at least the people are much richer.

I didn't manage to take pictures with everyone. But here just some pictures of friends. The photos were taken at different locations in the province of Veraguas and one photo in Costa Rica at the beginning of this great vacation. Often the photos were taken by the river. This is a source of new friendships. Friends for life. Comrades until the last day.

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